Welcome Summer | Ads Review & Results + Social Media Posts


Through my Welcome Summer Project, I ran, analyzed, and optimized Facebook Ads for Diving Cat Studio Gallery’s event Welcome Summer. Keep reading to hear about the results of the ads.

All of the ads I ran were focused on a hyper-local audience within a thirty-mile radius. Hence, the numerical significance of the results is different compared to a nation-wide ad campaign.

Ad Process:

I started off running the most specifically targeted ads and broadened gradually. Throughout the month, I ran four sets of ads. The first two were highly targeting and gave me a great idea of reach and budget for those specifications. The third set was testing a boost against my own final ad. My final ad was the broadest - targeting solely by age 21+ (due to serving alcohol at the event) and location. The final ad was the most successful, bringing almost half of the total responses out of all four ads.

Ad Results:

On average (out of the events held at the studio over the past year), Diving Cat Gallery Studio, receives 30 Facebook (Interested or Going) organic responses. Through the Facebook ads, Diving Cat received 140 response - over 4.5x the average organic response. The ads reached over 5,000 people in the area, also contributing to the organic growth of the event. Through working with the social media manager, we also promoted the event via Instagram and email newsletter, additionally spreading awareness of the event.

The total number (from ads and organic reach) of event responses was 346 - over 11x times the average response rate.

It is apparent that the other promotional initiatives (Facebook event, email notification, Instagram posts) beyond ads also played a large role as the organic response rate for Welcome Summer was 206 (almost 7x average).

Event Results:

A large part of this campaign was promoting the event, but also a piece of it was spreading awareness of the studio in the area. The event was a celebratory success and much loved by the attendees. Even with a hail storm earlier in the day and sporadic rain throughout, the event had 150% of their average attendance.

Bonus: Social Media Posts

In addition to running the Facebook Ads, I also created content for organic reach and coordinated posting with the social media manager at Diving Cat. Below are the posts I designed:

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