Top 5 Business Podcasts


StartUp holds a certain nostalgic element for me as it was my first introduction to podcasts as well as the startup world. From Alex Bloomberg fumbling his way through his first pitch to Chris Saca to arguing over equity splits, the first season of StartUp follows Alex through the adventures of starting his media company, Gimlet. Although the series expands with each season, the first is hands down my favorite and definitely worth a listen if you are looking to get a peek into the startup world.

The Pitch

Host Josh Muccio takes the listener into the room where real startup founders pitch to a board of investors. It gives a raw sense of the tensions, successes and failures of pitching a startup. The investors do not hold back on questioning and probing the founders. Last fall I went to The Pitch’s live show in Philly and it was amazing - highly recommend it if you get the chance.

How I Built This

Looking for inspiration? Look no further.  From Cisco Systems to Steve Madden to Honest Tea to Whole Foods, Guy Raz interviews the founders of some of the most successful brands. Brimming with the vibrant twists and turns of founders personal and professional lives, How I Built This explores the ins and outs of how a founder dreamed, built, and grew their companies.

Reply All

If you are looking for laugh while learning, I 100% recommend Reply All. Hosts Alex Goldman and PJ Vote report on internet phenomena and tech stories. From the crime system that corrupted law enforcement in New York City to Harambe’s outraged death, they cover a wide variety of topics and never fail to keep the listener engaged. It is both educational and entertaining.

Without Fail

Alex Bloomberg interviews entrepreneurs who have seen heartbreaking failures from Sophia Amoruso announcing bankruptcy after writing Girl Boss, to the public humiliation and firing of Groupon CEO Andrew Mason. Through these interviews, people share their devastating defeats, and how tell they learned and grew from them. And as Alex always points out, the line between success and failure is much slimmer than most believe.

Bonus Podcast: This one is not related to business or entrepreneurship, but fair warning it is addictive: Conviction. Private detective Manuel Gomez, devotes his career to righting wrongful convictions of young men. Follow reporter Saki Knafo as he tells the story of Gomez’s biggest case, while questing the justice system itself. If you like Serial or other crime related shows, give this one a shot.

Bonus, bonus podcast: Tumanbay. Alright, this one is not mildly similar to any of the previous. Disclaimer: I do not like fiction books, podcasts, or stories, BUT I absolutely loved Tumanbay. If you are going on a road trip or are just tired of your music playlist, check it out! You won’t regret it.

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