Skincare Brands Winning at Influencer Marketing

With the craze of social media influencers on the rise, big brands saw the perfect opportunity to advertise their products to a young, highly-engaged, trusting audience. Personal recommendations are more believable than generic ad campaigns and 50x more likely to lead a purchase. With fans respecting and loving their idols, influencer marketing establishes a seemingly personal relationship with a product - a “friends” recommendation. Since social media audiences are primarily composed of teenagers, this is the perfect platform for skincare and acne prevention brands to advertise to millions of individuals in their target audiences through a “personal recommendation.” Here are a couple skin brands that killed it with influencer marketing.


Platform(s): YouTube, Instagram

Influencer(s): James Corden, Chole Moratz, Kasumi Arimura

Product: Pitera Essence

Sk-II recently launched their #BareSkinChat campaign - a series of humorous videos accenting the simplicity of Sk-II Pitera Essence.


Platform: YouTube, Ads

Influencer(s): Olivia Holt

Product(s): Light Therapy Products & Rapid Clear

Through a series of informative ads and tutorials, Olivia Holt promotes light therapy acne spot treatment and masks.

Influencer marketing is the perfect opportunity for brands reaching a young demographic to spread awareness of their product or service.

Kayla SanoyComment