Makers of Phoenixville Project Synopsis

After it’s steel mill glory days ended, Phoenixville dissolved into a small, dilapidated downtown. There was not much to do or see and it certainly was not a popular hangout spot. Businesses moved out, and the town’s morale crumbled. However, over the past ten years, Phoenixville underwent a complete revival. Restaurants, bars, boutiques, cafes, art galleries, luxury apartments, and shops flooded the main street. First Fridays, festivals, and parades consistently dominate Bridge Street on summertime weekends.

The town did a complete 180 and I wanted to sit down and chat with the hard-working entrepreneurs who played a role in turning the town around. Hence, Makers of Phoenixville.

Through my project, I spotlighted five entrepreneurs and creators who dedicated themselves to making Phoenixville into the thriving town it is today.

What did Makers of Phoenixville entail?

In creating this project, I brainstormed ideas on how I could create value for business owners and how they could reciprocate. Running my own business in photography, Kayla Cher Photography, I took a professional head shot of each business owner (see above) followed by an interview for source material for a blog post about their story, business, and love of Phoenixville. I delivered the images to them for professional use and wrote blog posts about each creator’s story. Then I launched Makers of Phoenixville as a social media campaign through Instagram, Facebook, and my website.

After formulating the structure of Makers of Phoenixville, I wrote a pitch of the project and sent it to a selection of business owners in downtown Phoenixville with the goal of including five businesses. Immediately, there was a positive response and interest in the project - five sign ups came with ease! People were excited to celebrate their town and speak about their role in the community.

In exchange for participating in the project, the business owners market me in return through re-posts, reviews, and marketing materials in their retail space.

It was a highly personal networking experience for cooperative marketing exchange plus brand exposure to local influencers.

What were the results?

The articles were well received, viewed, and loved by the Phoenixville community and the business owners. They were also picked up and re-posted by several influential people in the community. But beyond the analytical success, I built valuable relationships with the movers and shakers Makers of Phoenixville. In fact, this project led to another with the owner of Diving Cat Studio Gallery. Check it out here.

Project Skills: Networking, Content creation, Portrait photography, Blogging, Instagram, Facebook

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