Landing Page Review | Mark Manson


In this digital age, landing pages make or break a visitor’s first impression of a brand. Today I am reviewing Mark Manson’s personal brand website. When you first land on, the black and white aesthetic is bold and striking. Fitting perfectly with his brand.

First Impression Breakdown:

  • His brand is obvious - directly below his name it states, “Author. Thinker. Life Enthusiast.”

  • Centered in the page is a bit more information elaborating on his accomplishments and his view. This is followed by a list of a-list companies that have featured his work establishing credibility.


  • It is clear, concise and displays his personality - a crucial element of his brand.

  • He adds to calls to action “read my articles” or “subscribe” leading the reader to explore further.

Scrolling down, he offers ebooks on various important life topics, further peeking the viewer’s interest and building trust through free content.


Finally, below the eBooks he features some of this latest blog posts.


Mark Manson’s landing page is well-designed and engaging. His branding is consistent and he immediately offers the reader loads of valuable, free content. By the time you scroll to the bottom of the page there is no doubt in the reader’s mind what Manson does - he is an author who writes on self-help topics.

How Manson’s content effects the reader:

  • Builds Trust - providing plenty of content builds trusts.

  • Keeps them engaged - through his classic conversational style, he reels the reader in and keeps them hooked.

Possible improvements: It feels a little busy with some many calls to action and possibilities. I think it could be simplified and the paragraph on the initial slide shortened. It almost feels a bit paralyzing with the amount of information. I think the blog could be omitted at the bottom and linked to instead.

All in all, Mark Manson expertly displays the core elements of his brand through his landing page.

Kayla SanoyComment