How to Set up a Facebook Business Page

Having a Facebook page for your business is vital, especially if you want to run Facebook Ads. It is a fairly simple set up process, so follow the directions below and you are all set!

Step 1: Go to and click “create page” in the top, right corner.


Step 2: Select whether your page fits better a business/brand page or a community/public figure page. Pick according to what your customers view you as. For the purposes of this tutorial I chose business/brand.


Step 3: Fill in the details. You will be required to enter your page name and categories (start typing words that describe your page and choose from the suggested). Once you choose your categories, you will be prompted to enter your business address and (optional) phone number. You can also choose not to show your exact address and only the region or city.


Step 4: Upload a profile image and cover/banner photo. Since this page is for your business, I recommend using your logo as your profile image and a dynamic, colorful image of your product/service as your cover photo.

Top Tip: If you are just getting started and don’t have a logo or haven’t designed one yet, check out Logo Makr for a quick substitute.

Top Tip #2: When choosing a cover photo I highly recommend using Canva. It already offers the the dimensions of the Facebook Cover photo allowing for easy drag and drop customization (add image, text, etc.). Canva also provides a plethora of free stock images, although it is preferable to use an image from your business.


Congrats! Your page is up and running. Time to flesh out the details and start posting!

Step 5: Follow Facebook’s walk-through to get an orientation of your page and settings.


Step 6: Create a username (50 characters or less). On the left-hand side underneath your profile picture there is a space to create a username. Click “create username” and enter your business name. If your name is already taken, play around with similar variations until you find one.


Step 7: Create your first post.


From here, there are plenty of options to optimize and expand your business page, but just setting up your page and beginning posting will give you a great start!

Kayla SanoyComment