Marketing Project Ideas

Striving to expand my portfolio, this past week I brainstormed five marketing project ideas. I am going to execute one over the next month. Through this portfolio project, I aim to display creativity and an ability to drive results.

Design Website & Social Media (for a local business)

Categories: Web Design, Content Creation

From writing marketing copy to taking photos, this project would entail designing a website and social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc.) for a local business from scratch. This would require collaboration with the business owner on the brand vision and company values. I would dive into content creation as well, curating the social media in addition to enhancing current social media such as updating Yelp images and adding a Facebook chat box to the business pages. In addition, I would run a campaign to increase social media engagement such as a giveaway. I would integrate Google Analytics into the website as well to enable tracking capabilities.

Create a Referral Program (for a local business)

Categories: Outreach, Brand Awareness

People are much more likely to follow up on the recommendation of a friend than a generic advertisement. Existing customers would be offered a discount, free sample, exclusive sale, etc. for each person they refer. I would create an initial incentive and then optimize (A/B test) for maximum results. Additionally, I would promote the program via email newsletter and social media. This program would most likely be paired with another, such as the following...

Start a Brand Ambassador Program (for a local business)

Categories: Outreach, Brand Awareness

With micro-influencer marketing on the rise, it is the perfect time to start a brand ambassador program for a local business. The objective would be to spread awareness of the brand creating a buzz within a geographic and demographic range (dependent on the business). This project would entail designing the parameters of the program through questions such as: Who is the ideal brand ambassador? What is unique to the audience we are reaching through this influencer? What demographic do they reach? What benefits can we mutually glean from one-another? After coming up with the parameters, I would reach out to influencers (bloggers, creators, etc.) and set the program in motion. I would also create a calendar and target number for future influencer relationships. In addition to influencers, this program could be adapted to fit anyone above a certain social media following.

Build a Landing Page and Run Facebook ads

Categories: Advertising, Analytics, Web Design

This project would consist of creating a landing page for a product I love. When the link on the landing page is clicked, it will redirect to the company’s website. Beyond the design of the landing page, the focus of this project would be researching and executing A/B tested Facebook Ads to get the highest click through rate.

Makers of Phoenixville Promotion

Categories: Advertising, Analytics

This project is an extension of a networking, marketing, and photography project I did recently, Makers of Phoenixville. I took head shots for entrepreneurs and creators in my home town, followed by a series of blog posts and social media posts. My objective for this project would be to run a Facebook ad campaign for the second round of Makers of Phoenixville, recruiting business owners interested in taking part.

I am very excited to be working on one of these projects over the next month. Stay tuned!

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