How to Create a Facebook Event

Facebook Events is a powerful and popular tool to drive customers, clients, employees, or friends to an event. Although it can be easy to feel daunted by the many features and options Facebook provides, setting up an event is fairly simple. Follow the steps below and you are good to go!

Step 1:  When in your news feed, click Events under Explore on the left-hand side.


Step 2: Select create event, and you will be given the option of making a public or private (invite-only) event. (For the purposes of this example, I have chosen a public event.)


Step 3: Then select if you would like your event host to be your main account or a specific page.


Step 4: Fill out the required event information - event name, date, time, location, description. Be creative but concise. Make sure to use a colorful image that will capture people’s attention.


(Optional) Step 5: If applicable, add a co-host. This is a great way to get more publicity around your event if you are collaborating with another business or even a musical artist.


Step 6: If applicable, schedule your ad. You can also add relevant keywords, however, the keyword options are fairly limited and you cannot create custom ones. If you can find relevant keywords, they aid in search visibility and targeting for your event.


(Optional) Step 7: If applicable, add a link to your ticketing platform.


Step 8: Fill out the details area. Note: the Guest List only appears once people have begun to react to your event (Interested or Going).


Step 9:  Lastly, you have the choice to save your event as a draft, publish (create) it, or schedule it for later (press the down arrow next to create).


Volia! You are good to go!

(Optional, but recommended) Step 9: Once you have published your event, you can choose to share or boost it.


If you at any point you are unsure of the content restrictions in your event, please check out Facebook’s Pages, Groups, and Event Policies.

Kayla SanoyComment