Quick Tips | Facebook Ads: Aesthetic Tricks & Tools

Here are some fun tools to use to spice up your Facebook Ad creative and stand out!

Within the app/website, Facebook does not have settings to change or vary fonts. However, you can simply copy and paste your text from this converter straight into your Ad copy and VOLIA! They have variations from bolding to cursive. You can also use similar converters for emojis.

Canva is a must-have! It is free and super user-friendly. It has to resizing and designing capabilities as well as stock images and templates.

NOTE: Keep in mind Facebook’s 20% text rule - otherwise your ad may not run or reach the full audience.

  • Use dynamic photos

Although this one is rather obvious, it is of utmost importance! It is vital that your image is eye-catching and scroll-stopping. Make sure it is colorful (if that aligns with your brand), properly cropped, and high resolution. If you have quality images that represent your brand, perfect! If not, check out these free stock image sites: Unsplash, Pexels.

Kayla SanoyComment