9 Inpiringly Creative Video Campaigns

You know those ads you actually remember? The ones that stand out from the slew of cheesy video campaigns. Here are the top nine inspiringly creative ads. 


Ad’s top differentiation:

  • The ad is approached in a respectful and humorous manner of friendly competition rather than the cut-throat ruthlessness often seen in such industries.


Ad’s top differentiation:

  • The energy of collaboration. The sheer creativity and flow of this ad is mesmerizing. The colors, the people, the music, it’s a one-of-a-kind ad.

Pacific Foods Bone Broth

Ad’s top differentiation:

  • This ad effortlessly show the versatility or the product through engaging visuals and witty words.


Ad’s top differentiation:

  • This video touches on a topic most people choose to ignore. The message alone is unique, but paired with the creative visuals and child narrator it stands apart.


Ad’s top differentiation:

  • The fast-moving fluidity of the video from sketches to reality adds to the light-hearted tone as the video approaches an unconventional living style.


Ad’s top differentiation:

  • This video showcases the power of videography and music alone. No voice. Just visuals.


Ad’s top differentiation:

  • The power of this ad lies in the intrigue. Initially the direction of the ad is unknown.


Ad’s top differentiation:

  • The charm of this ad lies in the humor. Working at eighty-five feels ridiculous to most, but the harsh fact displayed at the end of the ad makes it apparent its not so wild as it seems.


Ad’s top differentiation:

  • The message of this voice is moving. The concept is the inspiration.

These ads expertly utilize storytelling and dynamic visuals to keep the viewer engaged. Although these ads approach wildly different concepts, they all avoid cliches, take a unique approach to the visualization, voice, and music. They feel more like stories than ads. You want to watch them, and you certainly remember them.

Kayla SanoyComment