5 Creative Twitter Content Ideas

With social media becoming a vital piece of any marketing strategy, Twitter plays a large role in brand awareness. However, an empty text box and limitless options can seem daunting. Here are 5 ideas for creative twitter content you can implement into your social media plan today.

1) Shout out some of your most loyal and loving clients.

Show some love to the people who keep your doors open. Pick a few of your clients that rave about your brand and give them a shout out on Twitter. Not only will this make the customer feel appreciated, but it also shows new clients you care about your customers.

2) Ask a question.

Wondering what blog topics and tutorials people would like to see from you next? Want to know what color scheme your office party should be? Ask away. People love to feel included by the companies they support. A great way to ask questions without having to sift through hundreds of comments is using Twitter’s poll feature.

3) Give a sneak peek or tease of a new product or service.

Give an exclusive peek into a new project or product launch. Then encourage your followers to share with their friends. By only teasing the new release on one social media platform, it creates FOMO for people only following one of your accounts. Cross post on Instagram stories saying, “check out our Twitter for a glimpse at _______.”

4) Office announcements.

Have a new job position open? Looking for a summer intern? Celebrating a huge milestone? Post it! Keep people up to date with what is going on at the office.

5) Current events, trending topics, or industry news.

Stay up to date with current, relevant news and post your thoughts on it. Steer clear from anything political or religious. Not only does this give opportunity to share your brand’s values, but it also proves you are current with the industry.

Twitter can be more casual than some of the other social media platforms, so have fun with it! But always keep your brand vision and goals at the center of your twitter plans.

Kayla SanoyComment