5 Instagram Story Content Ideas for Small Businesses

Instagram stories are a powerful tool to maximize your presence and develop your brand on social media. Here are 5 creative content ideas for your Instagram stories.

1) Display user-generated content. User-generated content is an excellent way to have your followers promote your product for you while also publishing a testimonial of sorts. But maybe the images have a heavy filter, are a little blurry, or don’t fit your aesthetic. Not to worry! Stories are the perfect way to showcase this content without diluting your brand’s quality and look. If you are tagged in a positive post, repost it. As your followers see your consistency in reposting, it creates excitement about the possibility of being featured. After you publish a user-created post, add an informational a slide telling followers to use your brand hashtag and tag you to appear on your next story.

2) Show behind the scenes/ a day at the office. Show off the office and work space where the magic happens. Show the humorous moments in daily life. Take a shot during a design meeting or a short video at a company lunch. Plan fun and engaging 15 second speed interviews with team members . People love to see that a brand has humans behind it - it's personal.

3) Run polls, quizzes, and ratings. Take advantage of Instagram’s built-in features. Announce an day or hour where you will open a question form for Q&A. Run a poll about a small decision at work - for example, choosing colors for the conference room wall. Followers want to feel involved in the brands they love. If you follow through with the poll, make sure you show your followers the result.

4) Announce exclusive sales or deals and showcase new arrivals. Although stories are an optimal place to be casual and show off the relaxed side of your brand, it is still a business, so promote as well. Show the shipping boxes of your new products. Screenshot your newest promotion and ad that to your story. The possibilities are endless.

5) Post daily or weekly tips, tricks, or quotes related to your product or service. Stories are a wonderful way to push a short informative message. Maybe a quote from a recent blog post or a new tip on how to use your latest product. Then have a link in bio for more information.

Let your creativity loose with Instagram stories. Here are a few more tips on getting the most out of the feature:

Tip 1: Create specific highlights on your profile such as “fan faves,” “behind the scenes,” or “meet the team.”

Tip 2: I already touched on this, but mix in fun moments with promotional content. It is a space where you are allowed to be casual, but you still have bills to pay.

Tip 3: Even though it is a casual space, put in the effort to make is aesthetic. Use different fonts, stickers, lines and add music. Color match and coordinate - make it pleasant and appealing so people don’t just tap through your content. Pro Tip: Use Canva.

There are plenty of strategies for Instagram stories, but this will get you started! Have fun with it!

Kayla SanoyComment