5 Instagram Profile Tips for Personal Brands

Instagram is now vital for any personal brand or business as a form of validation and recognition. Here are five quick tips to improve a personal brand profile.

1) Select a colorful and eye-catching profile image - specifically one that contrasts Instagram’s theme colors of blue, white, and black. When people scroll through the story header, you want your profile picture to stand out to accrue clicks. Colorful and vibrant is better! Black and white blends in.

2) Change your name field to your business type and location. For example, if you are a wedding planner based outside of San Diego change your name field to “San Diego Wedding Planner.” If you are a graphic designer in Toronto make it “Toronto Graphic Designer.” This will boost your chances of appearing in search results within the app. But to keep it personal, make sure to add your name in the bio or your handle.

3) Create a business profile. This will allow you to run ads as well as access valuable account insights in addition to adding an email contact option to your profile. Instagram makes it easy to switch from a personal to a business account. However, if you are unsure how to switch here is a short tutorial:

Note: If you have a private account, Instagram will automatically switch to public when you make it a business account.

  1. Select on “Edit Profile”.

  2. Click on “Try Instagram Business Tools”

  3. You will receive a welcome message. Tap through the overview.

  4. Choose a business category.

  5. Verify your contact email. This is important - do not use a fake email. This is the email that Instagram users will send messages to if they email you from your profile.

  6. Optional: Connect to a Facebook Page.

Volia! You are good to go! You can switch back to a personal account at any time, however, you will lose all insight data.

4) Use branded hashtags+ add links in your bio. Adding branded hashtags shows credibility as well as a strong brand. Always add your website URL. Make sure it is optimized for mobile use as that is where most Instagram traffic will be viewing it. If you have multiple links, check out link tree (it’s free).

5) Use emojis, spaces, and font converters to add a flare. Stand out from the typical all-text boring bios. But of course, stay consistent with your branding.

Up your Instagram game with these five tips!

Kayla SanoyComment