3 Genius Celebrity Brand Collaborations

Brand development is essential. Here’s how Estee Lauder, Wix, and Sunglasses Hut are strategically solidifying their brand through celebrity model collaborations. Every celebrity has a persona, a public appearance, when combined with a corresponding it brand it just clicks.

Estee Lauder + Kendall Jenner

An alarm rings. Kendall rolls over and looks at her phone. She has a shoot in fifteen minutes. Jumping out of bed, Kendall fluffs her hair, throws on a pair of pants, and adds the finishing touch - a spritz of Estee Lauder Muse Le Rouge. Running into her photo shoot, they take one shot and are done. Volia! Perfection.

In an effort to reach a younger audience, Estee Lauder solicited Kendall Jenner in multiple campaigns. Kendall Jenner is effortlessly elegant and put-together. Estee Lauder plays on this by promoting simple sophistication through their products.

Wix + Karlie Kloss

Although initially known for her super modeling career, Karlie Kloss recently started Kode with Klossy - a free coding boot camp for girls ages 13-18. Wix, one of the top website building platforms, is a perfect fit accenting her techy side.  

Sunglass Hut + Gigi Hadid

Klad in denim, Gigi Hadid strolls into Sunglass Hut. She is greeted by a friendly sales rep, showcasing a tray of hottest trends. Each time to puts on a pair, she is transformed to a different joy-filled situation. Gigi Hadid is known for her on-trend, casual, and fashion-forward street style. The sunglasses fit the style perfectly.

When a much-loved celebrity and brand collaborate with a common value, it creates a subtle but powerful message.

Kayla SanoyComment