My Top 3 Skills

l believe learning is a life-long pursuit, and I continually seek to expand and diversify my skill set as I strive to make an impact. Each of the following abilities are skills I both excel at and enjoy! They play a large role in my daily life as well as my big-picture view of my career and goals. So, what are my top three skills?


When I was thirteen years old, my father gifted me with the audio book of The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau and one hundred dollars in my bank account. (Yes, this was the beginning of my obsession with audio books and podcasts!) While listening to the book, I bounced around between ideas for starting my own business before deciding on an online crafting store on Zibbet (a competitor to Etsy). Upon receiving my first, shiny, blue debit card for business purchases, I bought various craft supplies to create my products. All the products in my shop, The Cinnamon Butterfly, were hand-made and photographed in my DIY light box by me. During this process, I researched my competitors to see what they were doing right and what I could learn from them. Although I did not know the fancy titles at the time, this was my introduction to bigger concepts such as ROI and product-market fit.

Additionally, while still in middle school, I directed two plays at my home school group, Classical Conversations, with participants ranging from elementary to high school. From emailing parents about practices to blocking scenes to creating costumes and sets, I was on a mission to put on the best performance possible. I spent hours studying stage makeup, researching the time period, and working with the behind the scenes team selecting music and working out set changes. It was a hit!

Throughout my childhood, I simultaneously ran several businesses including pet-sitting, babysitting, and dog-walking. While in the process of negotiating a curriculum to graduate high school early, I started my photography business, Kayla Cher Photography. I approach everything in my life with a drive to succeed.


Being home schooled since day one, organization, in every form from planning to time management, was paramount growing up. However, to me, it was not only necessary but enjoyable! Sunday night was the week-planning night. To this day, I clear my mind and sit at my desk armed with an artsy planner and colorful pens to layout what I need to accomplish each day of the week. Not only is this a major asset to my sanity in my day-to-day, but I also find it to be a great tool to prepare my mind for the week ahead - an agent to build excitement for the projects to come!

Although organization plays a huge role in my daily life, one of the most joyful utilizations of this skill was planning a party for my brother’s high school graduation. Having a love for party planning since my 9th birthday, I was beyond excited - this was my first large event (60+ people)! I set out by researching prices of local venues and possible dates. After working with my brother to cultivate a guest list, I then proceeded to design, print, and send invitations. After finding the perfect venue, an event barn with a pool, tennis courts, and ping pong tables, I dove into affordable, healthy food options and decorations. Over the next few months, I did everything from designing centerpieces and cutting out banners to making cupcakes and cooking sloppy joes. The event was a success! But perhaps more fun than the event itself, was seeing all of my planning come to fruition.

Eye for the Aesthetic.

Saturdays afternoons are for redecorating bedrooms - or at least they were for me growing up. I spent hours watching interior design videos (Robeson Design was my go-to!) and scouring every corner of Pinterest to nail my aesthetic. Although TV was banned at my house growing up to encourage productivity, whenever I would go to my grandparents HGTV and the Property Brothers were my best friends! I even took a course in Sketchup in my free time and would spend hours designing virtual rooms. I designed and re-designed my purple, Parisian, Victorian-inspired room countless times. Even though my love for vintage, lace decor has long-since faded, my passion for all things aesthetic has only increased.

Aesthetics attracted me to photography. The combination of composition, lighting, and emotion is a beautiful medley. It is a story-telling.  You can hear more about my photography story here.

Since January, I have created two different personal, professional websites ( and Through the process of designing these websites, I have used Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Artly, and Showit. Why so many platforms? No matter my combing through countless templates, I struggled to find one that appropriately fit my aesthetic vision and branding for each site. So instead of settling, I hammered through platforms until I found something perfect!

I bring a drive, organization, and an eye for the aesthetic to the table. With this combination of skills, I look forward to working with you!

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Kayla Sanoy