Your Superpower, Courtesy of Apple

Strolling down a high school hall flanked with orange lockers, a blonde girl clad in overalls and a stripped tee grabs her iPhone X from her pocket. With just a glimpse, it unlocks. Her eyes widen and brows raise. Glancing at a nearby locker, the combination lock automatically spins the right sequence exploding the contents onto the floor. Puzzlement shifts to excitement as she explores her new-found ability. Driving instrumental music begins as she cartwheels and skips down the hallway leaving a trail of exposed lockers, flurried papers, strewn backpacks, and disheveled pom-poms. With a sassy smirk, she launches the janitor’s closet into disarray with paper towels and cleaning bottles scattering across the floor. Deliberately marching into the art studio, she conjures billows of radiant colors from the various wooden bureaus.

Sliding into the gymnasium with colorful remnants of her previous escapade clouding behind her, she unlocks the equipment closet. An avalanche of footballs, basketballs, and volleyballs tumble to the floor bewildering the nearby athletes. In the chemistry lab, she frees frogs from their tanks, a skeleton from his cage, and sets beakers on fire with the squint of her eyes. Running out of the school, she opens students’ car trunks leaving drums, folders, teddy bears, and trumpets peppering the parking lot.

Bling. New text. She stares. iPhone X unlocks.

Culturally, facial recognition has become an increasingly controversial topic with rising internet safety concerns. The most common questions surfacing: is it safe? and is it necessary? In this ad, Apple approaches a potentially serious topic with a light-hearted format. Indirectly, it addresses these concerns in a crisp, engaging, and fun manner, reeling in the viewer with the colorful and frolicking tone.

By the end, the message is clear — facial recognition on the new iPhone X is not only convenient, but fresh, exciting, empowering, safe, and individualized. You alone possess the magical power, leaving everyone else baffled.

Facial recognition is power, your power.

Kayla SanoyComment