13 Unique Instagram Content Ideas for Small Businesses

Instagram provides the ultimate freedom in posting content, but sometimes that freedom can feel overwhelming. It leaves you scratching your head as where to start. Here are 13 ideas to get you going.

1) Owner/Founder spotlight

Show some love to the owner or founder of the company and feature them in a post. There are many ways you could take this, so brainstorm and pick whatever resonates with your brand and audience most. For example, you could have a fun facts post highlight 5 facts you don’t know about Jane or a more professional synopsis of their story.

2) Client spotlight

Show appreciation to the people who keep your business running - your clients or customers. You can repost user-generated content - check out 5 Instagram Story Content Ideas here. However, for a feed post perhaps reach out to one of your most loyal customers and ask if you can feature them. Have them send in a photograph of themselves and answer a few questions you email to them. Use their answers as source material and quotes for the post’s caption. Or you could even run it giveaway-style and have you followers enter to be featured.

3) Related national holidays

There is a plethora of fun national holidays out there from National French Fry Day to National Trivia Day. There are also weeks and months bringing awareness to various causes such as Clean Beaches Week and National Ocean’s Day. Stay current on upcoming holidays related to your product or service and publish a celebratory post.

4) Behind the scenes

As mentioned in my Instagram Story Ideas post, behind the scenes a great way to show your followers a more personal side of your company. Show the work space and employees (with permission of course). This is an opportunity to brag about your company culture.

5) FAQs

Ask people to comment questions under a specific post and over the next few weeks post weekly or biweekly answers.

6) Host a giveaway

Giveaways are a fabulous tool to increase engagement on the platform and spread awareness about your brand. And they don’t have to be huge. You don’t have to give away the newest iPhone to get people’s attention. Post a bundle of your products and tell people to follow you and tag three friends for a chance to win. Bonus tags = bonus entries. You can also collaborate with another business for a giveaway to maximize reach.

7) Testimonials

Show potential clients how much your current customers love you. Use quotes from people’s testimonials to promote your brand.

8) Relevant quotes
Accent on relevant. People didn’t follow you for a cliche Pinterest board, so don’t overdo it.

9) Jokes

Keep this consistent with your brand. I cannot stress that enough. Everyone loves to laugh so post something that will brighten people’s day. However, steer clear of any self-deprecating, controversial, or religious/political jokes.

10) Followers’ stories

This is different from testimonials, but similar to a client spotlight. Except instead of a general brand review post a specific popular product, if you are a beauty brand maybe your newest facial scrub, and ask followers to tell a fun story related to the product and how it helped them. Repost the best one.

11) Throwback to the content or topic of a well-performing post

#throwbackthrusday is a great way to boost engagement and increase the perception that you are an established company. Choose a well received topic or post and touch on it again.

12) Celebrate something

Celebrate a win, success, launch, or project completion at your company. Shout out the major contributors and add some cheering emojis. Everyone loves a win.

13) A tutorial

Post something informative and helpful for your followers. Perhaps a short tutorial on how to style your newest jewelry release or step-by-step instructions for downloading your HR software. Whatever it may be, link to a blog post that goes more in depth.

The possibilities for Instagram posts are limitless. So, have fun and create, but approach it with a plan. Think of it as a strategic expression of creativity rather than a collage of images. Enjoy!

Kayla SanoyComment